Quality Assurance

Q.A. Manual

Controlled Distribution

Computerized Procedures

Monitor and insure 100% traceability and lot control

  • In-coming material inspection
  • Vendor audit program
  • Product certification

Audited and Approved Supplier to

  • DISC (Defense Industrial Supply Center) Cage Code 8T312
  • All government and major US shipyards
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Foreign transplant corporations


  • Tensile - full size and specimen
  • Proof load
  • Yield
  • Elongation
  • Reduction of area
  • Hardness
  • Surface quality
  • Liquid penetrant
  • Dimensional
  • Thread form and integrity
  • S.P.C.
  • Internal and External Variable Gaging


To deliver the finished product that our customers demand, we offer a variety of secondary services, with full certification. ISO Certifications

ISO Certification