About Robbins Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Robbins Manufacturing Co., Inc. (RMC) is a specialty manufacturer of premium quality stainless steel and non-ferrous fasteners and cold-formed special parts. The Company produces male parts in diameters from ¼ inch to 1-1/4 inch (1/4 inch through 7/16 inch up to 5 inch long; over 7/16 inch up to 10 inch long) and female parts (nuts) in diameters from ¼ inch to 7/8 inch. Capabilities also include machine screws, sheet metal and tapping screws from #10 through ½ inch diameter up to 4 inch length. Products are cold headed from stainless steel, nickel-copper alloys, silicon bronze, brass, aluminum alloys and other specialty metals. A high percentage of RMC output consists of specials and made-to-print components, but the Company also manufactures a broad line of standard fasteners to ASTM, ANSI and Military Specifications.

RMC was founded in 1970 by Barry Robbins and is located at 1200 Airport Road in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Company operates from a modern 106,000 square foot factory located on 12.5 acres in an industrial park. The land and building are owned by the Company.

Over the past 50+ years, RMC has developed an outstanding reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality products manufactured from difficult to work materials. The manufacturing and engineering expertise which RMC has accumulated over this time makes the Company the supplier-of-choice for a broad customer base. Due to RMC’s extensive range of machinery and equipment, the Company is able to produce virtually any precision-quality stainless steel or non-ferrous fastener or special part within its size/length capabilities.

In-house heat treating, (with the capabilities to perform age hardening, precipitation hardening, bright hardening, bright annealing and stress relieving), passivation, and internal and external variable gaging equipment provide complete Company control over the manufacturing process. RMC has a 100% traceability and lot control system for all products and provides notarized documentation of conformance to applicable specifications.

The quality assurance system in place at RMC is certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standards. The Company’s quality testing lab is qualified to perform liquid penetrant inspection and corrosion resistance testing, destructive/hardness testing, magnetic permeability testing, metallurgical analysis and complete dimensional inspection. The modern tool room and staff produce 90-95% of the Company’s tooling requirements and maintain the production equipment in accordance with a regularly scheduled maintenance/rebuild program.


Celebrating 40 Years! from Business News and Views Sep. 2010